The Tripsies and Me | Welcoming Triplets to the Family

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Having a new baby is an exciting and beautiful time for any family. Having three babies at once means triple the excitement and triple the love! Dr. Delene P. Musielak wrote the international bestseller The Tripsies and Me to share her experience as a mom of multiples.

The Tripsies and Me

The book starts with a couple who find out they are having not one, but three babies! They document their process of preparing over the next 9 months as they paint the nursery and pray for their little ones’ arrival.

The sweet story continues with the big day at the hospital, when mom and dad meet their three bundles of joy! The engaging illustrations pull at your heart as you (and every other parent who reads this) remember those intense emotions of seeing your baby – or babies – for the first time.

The Tripsies and Me delivery

The Tripsies and Me finishes with an all-too-familiar scene of exhausted parents who have hearts just as full as their home. While children will read this book and identify with what it means to have a baby in the house, parents will connect with each page on a very different level.

Expectant Families Will Enjoy The Tripsies and Me

Whether you are expecting one new baby or multiples, The Tripsies and Me is a great book to read with your child to help prepare for the new arrival. Soon-to-be big brothers or sisters can see what to expect with a new baby, and can help with getting the nursery together or deciding on a theme for decor.

It may also help to show how busy mom and dad may be when the new baby or babies arrive. Managing expectations of little ones is generally helpful for preventing meltdowns and feelings of rejection when newborns take a large part of the parents’ attention.

Even for families who may not already have a child but are expecting multiples, this book would be a great baby shower gift for a new mom to add to her nursery library!

About Dr. Delene P. Musielak

Dr. Musielak wrote this book from her own personal perspective of having triplets. She also has her own show, The Dr. Mom Show, which serves as a medical informational resource for others.

Here’s a video of Dr. Musielak from her YouTube channel, reading The Tripsies and Me!

At the very end of The Tripsies and Me, Dr. Musielak shares a parenting tip that is beneficial for all parents to read. She also offers parenting support and coaching at her website, – feel free to check it out!

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