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What’s the best way to get your child to dream of who they could be and reach for the stars? Introducing the Terple books, the best aspirational books for kids!

Terple is a young turtle that loves to play and be imaginative. He always dreams bigger and knows that the sky isn’t going to stop him from achieving his goals.

If you want to encourage and inspire your children, here are two books that would be the perfect solution for you!

The Terple Books – Book Review

Terple books by Richie Frieman

Terple dreams of life outside his pond. Each book is a rhyming journey with bold, comical illustrations and motivational dialogue. He always manages to find a way to believe in himself and his dreams.

In Terple: The Sky Is Just The Start, Terple is challenged by his own self-doubt and how others perceive his goals and motivations. He questions his dreams, but he doesn’t give up! He discovers he can’t live his life going with other peoples opinions and has to live for himself and no one else. However, even when his dream comes to realization, he doesn’t forget his past and his family, promising them he’ll return to visit.

In Terple: Always Dream Bigger, the book takes more of a goodnight/bedtime story vibe and Terple’s parents express their love and dreams for him through a letter. In it, he’s reminded that he’s important and they’re proud of him – something any child would love to hear from their parents. If you want all your wishes to come true, you have to wish bigger!

Each story is perfect for a child of any age and is the best way to encourage your kid to be ambitious. Writing your own letter to your kid is also a great way to do the same thing Frieman did: write a letter to his three year-old daughter Madilyn. Let your love for your child shine through!

About the Author – Richie Frieman

A #1 Best Selling and Award Winning Author and Illustrator, as well as one of the youngest best selling and award winning authors in his genres, Richie Frieman has one of the most diverse and unusual careers in the writing community. He is also one of the most sought after podcasters in the world. Be sure to check out another of Frieman’s books we love, Snowballs for Severance.

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