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Have you ever heard of a law that was just so weird you couldn’t believe it even existed? This was the case for Severance, Colorado for almost 100 years. They had a law that contained wording that made it illegal to throw snowballs – no, really. I’m not making this up.

Snowballs for Severance – the Story of Dane Best

Snowballs for Severance tells how nine year-old Dane Best discovers that there is, indeed, a ban on snowballs. In Colorado. Where it snows five (or 9) months out of the year.

It’s ok to be shocked.

Snowballs for Severance

Based on a true story, Richie Frieman does a wonderful job of captivating children with the interesting story as well as his illustrations. It’s easy for a young child to understand and prompts them to answer related questions to really get them thinking.

If there’s one thing kids love more than an interesting story, it’s a discussion about creative possibilities and related thoughts.

Each page has its own unique design and captures the written content well, making it easy to read and serving as little explanations of what’s going on.

The story of Dane Best in Snowballs for Severance is the perfect inspiration for kids. It allows them to truly feel empowered as the realize that they, too, can do something big for themselves and their community. If one nine year-old can change a law, surely they can do something as big as well!

This book is the perfect way to start a discussion with your kids about what the U.S. government is like and how one goes about changing a law. If you’d like to get a quick start on that, Snowballs for Severance is the perfect way to do so.

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About the Author: Richie Frieman

A #1 Best Selling and Award Winning Author and Illustrator, as well as one of the youngest best selling and award winning authors in his genres, Richie Frieman has one of the most diverse and unusual careers in the writing community. He is also one of the most sought after podcasters in the world. Frieman is the author of other fun kids’ books which we love. Read about his “Terple” books here!

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