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Don’t you love strong female characters who own their own business? That’s exactly what May is: a successful businesswoman, the founder and sole proprietor of Word Saver, Inc. She wears a cute suit and messenger bag and is very helpful to those around her. If you want to inspire your child while encouraging teamwork, this book’s the way to do it!

May Saves the Day – Book Review

The story is a wonderfully mixed with word play, as May changes “bees” to “beets” and a “snake” into “sneakers”. Stu wants to become her sidekick, but each time he asks May says that she’s a businesswoman, not a superhero, and businesswomen don’t need sidekicks.

Eventually, May comes across a problem she needs help with – something Stu is easily able to fix. They team up, and together they’re able to save the day. May decides by the end of it that it’d be better to have help than none, so together they form a team and work together.

Learning Opportunities with May Saves the Day

May Saves the Day is a fun book to read while learning about the importance of teamwork. It’s a great way to introduce word play as well, especially the similarities between words. Teachers (and homeschoolers) may want to follow up with a word play activity using letter tiles or magnets, adding and removing letters to make new words.

Leadership and entrepreneurship are also topics that can be introduced with this book, if you focus on how May owns her own business and needs to decide if she needs assistance or not. Kids can brainstorm other business ideas after reading this book, and decide what types of helpers (if any) they would need to be successful.

With beautiful illustrations and diverse characters, May Saves the Day is a must-read book for elementary kids.

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