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Have you ever had your kid present a case to you? A list of pros and cons? Reasons why they should be allowed to do something? If so, they’ll surely love Judge Juliette. Chances are, you’ll love it too as soon as you see why Judge Juliette is a great picture book about government!

Judge Juliette – Book Review

Judge Juliette presides over cases in the entire neighborhood. From whether someone should walk a dog before she plays games or not, if 8 o’clock is a fair bedtime, if serving lima beans two nights in a row is lawful, she oversees it all.

One day, she gets her most troubling case of all: her parents can’t decide if they want a dog or a cat!

Judge Juliette listens to it all. The case for a dog, the case for a cat. But she can’t decide! She decides to recuse the case to her next door neighbor, claiming she can’t preside over cases including her family and that she wants to make her own case: getting a dog, AND a cat, AND a boa constrictor.

The illustration is cute and cartoony. There are dashes of law words, with a glossary in the back explaining what each word means. This way, your kid can have fun while learning a little about the court system! I’d highly recommend Judge Juliette to anyone wanting to teach their kid a little about the government.

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