15 Best Children’s Books about Plants

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When children read books that include science topics, they don’t even realize they are learning! A fun picture book or story that teaches about plants and life cycles is a fun way to pique your child’s interest and get them wanting to learn more. These 15 books are our top picks for teaching kids all about flowers, trees, and all things plant related.

Picture Books about Plants

The Giving Tree
The classic bestseller about a tree who loves a boy and gives him everything she has.

The Tiny Seed
The story of the life cycle of a flower, as told by a tiny seed.

A story of a Venus flytrap that stays over at a 3rd grader’s house for the summer. What could go wrong?

Lola Plants a Garden
Perfect for preschoolers who want to learn about planting seeds.

We are the Gardeners
Inspiring book from Joanna Gaines tells how to overcome obstacles in gardening (and life).

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
Beautifully illustrated and takes you through the life cycle of a garden.

Curious George Plants a Tree
A fun tale of planting trees and recycling.

Plant the Tiny Seed
A cute interactive book for young readers.

A Seed Is Sleepy
Beautiful illustrations and poetic text.

Nonfiction Children’s Books about Plants

Oh Say Can You Seed?
The Cat in the Hat examines flower parts and the life cycle.

Perfectly Peculiar Plants
A collection of weird and unusual plants that are fun to read about.

How Plants Grow
TIME for Kids book on the basics of plant life.

Seed to Plant
National Geographic Kids book with beautiful photographs to engage young readers.

The Tree Book
Answering kids’ tree questions in an easy to understand way.

The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants
Explore the plant journey from seed to sapling and beyond.

Beyond Books: Hands-On Plant Education

After reading these fun children’s books about plants, your little gardeners may want to grow a few plants of their own!

Kids of all ages enjoy watching things grow, so why not consider a kid-sized greenhouse kit to start at home?

Even more fun than just growing plants is growing plants that you can EAT! A pizza herb growing kit that includes basil, oregano, and arugula is fun and yum!

This maze planter lets you experiment with your plants and even see the roots as they grow!

For even more plant-based knowledge, check out the online exhibits at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Have fun learning!

These fun books will engage young children and get them excited to learn all about seeds and plants!

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