Reading books about math? But math is numbers! While that’s true, there are many reasons why kids should also read books about math topics. Especially with so many children who think they hate math, fun picture books can help bridge the gap to make math more easily digestible.

When children read across the curriculum – that is, when interesting books are incorporated among various subjects – they are able to understand topics and skills in new ways.

Suddenly, the relationship between numbers and operations makes a little more sense.

Whether your child is learning math in a traditional classroom, in homeschool, or even if your child isn’t old enough to be in school yet, including books about math in your daily reading time is beneficial.

Picture books are engaging and keep children’s attention while new information is being presented in a different way than children normally see in a math lesson. Books that incorporate math topics also often show how math skills are used in real life situations.

Below you will find a variety of math topics, each containing a list of our favorite kids’ books about math and math concepts. We think you and your child will love reading these!

Kids’ Books About Math

Books and Activities for Teaching Place Value

These books use fun stories to explain the difficult concept of place value.

picture books that teach multiplication

Picture Books About Multiplication

Multiplication can be easily understood when you make it fun! With books for early learners up to older elementary students, kids will have fun doing math while they read.

picture books that teach fractions

Picture Books About Fractions

Have fun reading books that explain halves, whole, parts, and even some decimals and percents! Read how even pizza and chocolate demonstrate fractions in real life.

Resources for Math Instruction at Home

Page A Day Math

Reading books about math topics is a great way to introduce children to these abstract concepts, but children also need hands-on learning to practice their math skills.

Page a Day math kit

Page A Day Math is a math book program for children between 3-9 years old that is both incremental and cumulative. This program introduces new topics while continually building and improving on existing math knowledge to improve fluency and to build a strong academic foundation for lifelong learning.

Each series focuses on a specific math operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc) and includes 10-13 books with 14 days of practice in each book. This design is so that your child is consistently finishing books and being rewarded with a sense of achievement.

Daily learning involves one page a day providing the perfect balance of incremental and cumulative practice. At the end of each day (which is also at the end of each page), there are completion stars for your child to color as they celebrate the day’s learning.

Page a Day math inside books

The program also incorporates handwriting to help children develop appropriate handwriting skills that they can carry over into the rest of their day – and to also help them avoid math mistakes that are caused by not being able to read their writing!

Page A Day Math starts with a Pre-K Math Kit for 3-5 year olds, and continues on through skills for 5th graders.