Hi! Welcome to Twilighters – a blog all about books for kids and teens. Our purpose is to encourage reading and literacy, developing life-long learners and book lovers everywhere!

While Twilighters began as a Twilight fan site, it no longer contains only Twilight-related information. (Although we do have some Twilight posts coming soon!) We wanted to include book reviews and recommendations for readers of all genres – and for kids of all ages!

From picture books to YA novels to classics, we cover a little bit of everything.

As Twilighters grows, you can expect to see book lists, activities, and even educational ideas shared on the blog. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

About Amanda

Amanda Seghetti profile photo

Amanda Seghetti is the owner and primary author of Twilighters. She taught special education for 12 years before changing careers, inspiring students of all ages from kindergarten to 12th grade. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Special Education from Georgia Southern University, and received her second Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Cameron University.

Amanda also has a Reading Specialist Certificate and shared her love of reading and books with all of her students. Now that she is outside of the classroom, she continues to spread her passion for reading through her blogs and social media.

Amanda currently lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, her 4 energetic and exhausting children, and her dog (who hasn’t yet learned to read).

About Hunter and Kaiden

Hunter and Kaiden are Amanda’s two oldest children. Hunter recently graduated high school and enjoys working with animals. A bookworm like her mother, Hunter was possibly the first child ever to actually be grounded from reading books.

Kaiden, currently a 5th grader, also gets lost in a good book frequently. He can be found curled up with a historical fiction novel about as often as he can be found playing with his friends. He is also an excellent bedtime story reader, much to his younger sister’s delight.

Hunter and Kaiden are learning to exercise their blogging muscles, occasionally contributing book reviews to Twilighters.